Field of Artisans is especially proud of the energy, creativity, camaraderie and talent that can be found in The Field.  

Collaborate to Elevate!



During my drive home from this weekend, i had a lot of time to reflect on my experience with you and field of artisans this summer.  i wanted to write you a little note and express how grateful i am to have been a part of it. i've done just under a dozen shows so far and yours have been truly memorable.  your personal vibe sets the tone for smooth running and happy vendors and shoppers! you are creating a unique community and i can't wait to see it thrive in the future! i really think what you're doing and more importantly, the way you're doing it is very special, and i can't wait to be back in the Field at my next chance!

 Saranaid Designs


"Good vibes! It is such a supportive group of artists and artisans.  i have met so many inspiring people and have also been able to expand my business as field of artisans provides great opportunities for networking as well! can't wait for this to start up again katrina:)" 

Art by Rosie


"I am a returning artist, and what I love about you is simple.  field of artisans provides a vehicle for which an aspiring artist can be with other like/creative people all for the same reason.  i had never before been with so many who are so supportive and truly happy for another's success, large or small.  i look forward to the opportunity to display my paintings, talk and learn from fellow artisans and to just be in the wonderful beach atmosphere that Field of Artisans provides for aspiring artists"   

Pat Gauthier


"I Love what you have created! I am well on my way to a successful business because of Field of Artisans. I have gotten so many compliments on my work! The shows have boosted my confidence, my creativity, and have sparked excitement! I just booked my first commission work from a man I met at South Kingstown town beach! 6 stained glass panels for his kitchen cabinets!!  Thanks for all you do!"   

Virginia Lynch Gallery


"I'm excited to come back to The Field because I love the concept of the collaboration, and all the artists and customers I have met! I especially love working with Katrina, who is so open, creative and beautiful!"

Violet Drury Designs


"I loved being a part of this great beginning! I think the nature of the artists that were curated and everybody that came to shop were extremely supportive, creative, and welcoming. Now that I've started to sell my art I want to continue to explore what excites people. It was a great break from my full time job and I enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere so much, I have to be back!"

Wildflower Creations


"This summer was my 1st year of doing artists markets and Field of Artisans was by far my favorite of all the events I had participated in. I'm looking forward to continuing an amazing experience!"

Apsara Designs 


"It has been a spectacular collaboration.  I feel so supported by your organization and vision.  I also think your locations work very well for my work."

The Artist in Residence  


"Had an awesome weekend at Field of Artisans with so many talented people at Matunuck Beach.  It's great to talk to people and have them see something in your artwork that you've never seen before."

Kevin Eager