In the Field with Leigh

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In the Field with Leigh

Field Interview: Leigh Medeiros

a Head shot 2.jpg

Today's interview is with artist, Leigh Medeiros.  Leigh sold with Field of Artisans for the first time this month and we're lucky enough to have her in the Field again this coming Sunday, 12/17!  Leigh is an inspiring soul, especially for those of us who sometimes feel that we have too many great ideas and not enough time to make them come to fruition.  Leigh "makes things".  She is always exploring, experimenting, and perfecting skills, mediums and creations.  She shows us that one of the best ways to take care of ourselves is to follow our intuition.  We don't have to be an expert at just one thing and following every inkling and every curiosity can lead to fascinating work! 


Find Leigh in the Field at Whalers Brewing Company on:

SUNDAY, 12/17  11:30-4:30


1.  "I make things."  Is how you describe your collection of creations.  You have experience in fine art, collage, screenwriting, crafting and even art teaching (I'm sure there's more).  You seem to be multi talented, curious and a master of all things creative.  Would you say you work best when you have a wide variety of projects going on, rather than focusing on one thing at a time?

Being creative from day-to-day keeps me fulfilled. I can go long stretches without making visual art when I’m working on a writing project and vice versa. I think in terms of small bodies of work and projects, and I do toggle between them all very easily. Sometimes I do have to reign myself in, because I’ll realize I’m taking on too many things. My interest and exploration of so many mediums satisfies my curious nature, and also helps me better support other artists as it gives me a more well rounded understanding of their projects. 

indigo dyed baby gear.jpg

2. Would you describe your aesthetic in a certain way?  Is there a common theme amongst your work?

The only common thread between all of my projects is that I feel moved in some way. I could be moved by the beauty of the medium as with the indigo dyed linen, or I could be moved by subverting a masculine paradigm as with my found poem collages, or I could be moved by other people’s creativity as with my online artist support programs. If I feel moved in some way I’m inspired to create.


3.  Do you create in one space/studio?  Or are you creating everywhere, all the time?

I have a “nook” in my home where I do most of my creating. It’s probably 6’ x 8.’ But, yes, I’m surely working through the creative process when I’m out walking the dog looking at nature, or, say, when I’m at the art supply store pondering new materials. I’d guess most artists would say that the creative process is fluid and uncontained and extends well beyond the reach of the studio or work space.


Rhode Island Naturalist photo pack.jpg


4.  You were a middle school art teacher for a time, develop creative workshops and have taught continuing education classes at RISD.  Do you find that consulting and guiding others in their creative pursuits compliments and inspires your own work?  

I’m passionate about supporting other people’s creativity. I’d say that’s a lifelong pursuit. I believe the more fully expressed a person is the healthier they are. And the healthier each individual is, the healthier the collective is. When I work with other people I often feel I’m participating in a healing process – for them, for me, and for the planet. My work with people these days is mainly through an online program I run called “48 Days of Creative Devotion” where me and the participants create one complete work per day (except the long form writers) and post it to our private forum. Everyone is asked to post their work without apology, justification, or complaint, which can be a real challenge for certain people. Additionally, there is no critiquing, only encouraging comments. Many of the projects you see of mine have been made during the 48 Days program. That’s a place where my work with others dovetails with my own creativity. And, certainly, I get really inspired by other people’s successes.  Almost nothing moves me more than watching an artist blossom!


5. Out of curiosity, why 48 days?

48 Days was an intuitive choice. For some reason it seemed like just enough time to really kick start people’s creative processes.

Do Your Part foud poem collage.jpg


6.  Do you have any upcoming workshops or classes?

I have ongoing indigo dyeing workshops at our home in North Kingstown. Right now, I’m doing holiday scarf dyeing parties where folks can come with 4 friends, learn two different shibori designs, and leave with dyed scarves all while enjoying complimentary wine and nibbles. Kind of my own twist on those wine and paint nights. I also will start another “48 Days of Creative Devotion” in January. (Anyone interested can read more details on my website under the “Services” page.)


7.  You've created commemorative magnets and ornaments of deceased artists.  Who are some of these artists and how do they inspire you?  

We lost a lot of remarkable artists in 2016 and I wanted to celebrate them in some way, so I created memorial magnets and ornaments as mementos for fans. I specifically choose artists I felt connected to – Leonard Cohen, Harper Lee, Prince, David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Florence Henderson, Gene Wilder and Carrie Fisher. Each ornament or magnet is hand formed from paper clay, baked, hand painted with acrylic, then sealed and packaged. Like most of the things I do, they’re pretty labor-intensive. What I like about them is that they can be little works of art we see every day. I believe when we remember someone who’s died we keep a part of their spirit alive.



8.  What can we look forward to from your booth at the holiday series?

Goodness, I like to think there’s something for everyone! I’ll have a really diverse collection of things from indigo dyed baby onesies, scarves, and tea towels, to landscape paintings, to collages with vintage papers, to my Animal Messages coloring book, to the artist magnets and ornaments, to my Rhode Island Naturalist photo packs and more.


9.  what would your advice be to a fellow artist who has many interests, passions and ideas but feels pressure to narrow their focus?

Hmm. The older I get the more I understand that advice is so specific to the individual. What’s right for one person, isn’t right for another, so it’s hard to make a general statement in that regard. However, I think there’s a big difference between feeling internal pressure to narrow one’s focus and external pressure. Knowing which is which can help. I believe one’s own intuition and heart contain the highest answer for that person, so my blanket advice would be to uncover the path forward through self-searching. And, bear in mind that acting on one’s intuition often requires great leaps of faith, which in turn requires bravery. My recommendation on all matters kind of boils down to cultivating courage and listening to one’s inner guidance.  


Salt marsh I acrylic on canvas.jpg



See more of Leigh's work through her online site!


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In the Field with Ghyllian


In the Field with Ghyllian

Field Interview: Ghyllian Conley, Picture-esque


This week's interview is with Ghyllian of Picture-esque.  Ghyllian is multi-passionate and multi-talented.  Through lots of self teaching and experimenting, she's created a completely unique form of art that combines everything she loves.  Ghyllian's love of the environment, photography, and doodling is evident in her work.  Picture-esque is one that you can't miss for a completely one of a kind gift!  


Find Picture-esque in the Field at Whalers Brewing Company on:

SUNDAY, 12/10  11:30-4:30


1.  Your work embodies your many passions including art and nature.  How did you come up with Picture-esque as a name?

Well, its supposed to be a play on words. I chose "Picture", because every piece has a photo or image and "esque" as the definition is, "in the style of; resembling".  Though there is a "picture" in each piece, there is more to a piece than the photo- I sometimes paint or sketch over the image and even the transfer process distorts or changes the original photo.  And finally, I chose "Picture-esque" because I feel that my pieces are also picturesque- "visually attractive, especially in a quaint or pretty style." 


2.  The process of your creations consists of multiple steps and I'm sure a lot of time and planning.  What are the steps in creating one piece?

It starts with the photos.  I'm constantly taking photos and doodling whenever I can and every now and again one will inspire an idea of how I could combine a photo I've taken with one of my sketches. For example, a common one would be a photo of flowers and some flowers that I've sketched in a notebook.  Once I get an idea I lay out and cut the photos and sketches in a way that I think will layer together nicely and I fit the images to the size and shape of the wood I have to work with.  Once I have everything laid out I start the transferring process- I have to be careful because everything transfers backwards.  But basically I glue the images to the wood.  Once dry (a few hours) I remove the paper using water and a sponge, let that dry and then apply the next layer. When I've finished transferring, I begin painting over the collaged images to try to bring them all together.  I tend to favor flowers and geometric shapes. Finally, I pour resin over the whole thing to seal in the images, brighten the transfers and protect the wood.  I've actually been experimenting a bit with this last step and have some exciting new additions coming soon- one more component being added to the collage.


pic (1).jpg

3.  How did you start working with this unique process?  Did it take a lot of experimenting?  Self teaching?  Or, did you learn from someone else?

Honestly, I saw a random DIY video on Facebook.  I experimented at first because I didn't believe it could be so easy to transfer photos.  When I saw how straightforward it is I realized how many options I had. I figured I could not only transfer family photos like in the DIY video but ANYTHING I wanted.  My very first idea came from a photo of sunset in Arcadia and I thought of how cool it could be to paint a continuation of the photo.  The ideas grew from there and through some experimenting I kept adding layers. I feel like there has been a lot of "self-teaching" but it's more of a continuous trial and error.  I learn as I go what works well and what could be done differently.  


4.  You capture a lot of nature scenes.  Where is your favorite place to get nature inspiration? 

Honestly? Work.  Being at my full time job I have to take photos as part of my job all the time.  I'm on different farms and forests all over the state and sometimes the weather is just perfect and the lighting, incredible and I end up capturing some pretty special photos. Taking pictures at work is actually what inspired me to get more into photography and buy a camera. To give you a more direct answer- one of my favorite places to explore and get stunning sunset photos is Arcadia management area in Exeter.  


5.  While your pieces have a main nature theme, some of them incorporate an element of fantasy (like an octopus taking over the Atlantic Ocean).  Where do these ideas come from?

I love to read.  I've always been fascinated by fantasy novels and I feel that all the reading I've done has expanded my creativity and opened my mind to the unreal and my imagination. 



6.  Do you have a favorite tree wood to work with?

Well not a specific type of wood but I do prefer the wood that I've gotten locally.  Some of the wood I use, I've purchased from AC Moore. It works great and is easy to source and they offer all different shapes and sizes- so convenient. But I still prefer the wood that came from someone I know or a forest I know simply because of the connection I have to it.  Getting the different wood creates interesting effects when the resin is poured- some wood has more prominent rings or features (like wormwood) and oftentimes has really cool bark with lichen still on it!  With time and more trial and error I'm sure I will develop a favorite type of wood but for now its super interesting seeing how each of the different wood reacts when the resin is poured.


7.  You offer custom work as well.  What are some of the reasons people have to come to you to create customized scenes?

I've made things such as wedding presents, anniversary gifts, and birthday presents.  I especially love incorporating/transferring maps that are significant to the person receiving the piece.  For example, for a recent wedding present I transferred maps of the places where the couple met and grew up, the photo taken after he proposed and then I finished up by painting flowers that signified the months of their anniversary and birthdays.  I really enjoy doing custom work and plan on creating an Etsy page so I can expand the custom work. 




8.  You do a great job at channeling your passion for the environment through your art.  What would your advice be for someone who cares about a cause and wants to use art as a platform to gain awareness for that cause?

Well in my opinion, the most important part of any cause is education on the topic.  People can't be passionate about something that they don't understand or know about.  Art is a beautiful way to get the word out and gain awareness in a positive light.  There doesn't have to be fighting or yelling or protesting in art; instead its a way to shed light on a cause and show the beauty of what it is you believe in.  Even when it comes to causes that are horrific and terrible/not thought of as "beautiful", art is a perfect platform to expose that raw pain, without fighting or violence- we have enough of that in the world.  When a person creates, they have the opportunity to bring attention and educate other people on things that they believe in, so why not do it? Even if you only get one new person to feel passionate about your cause- that's one more person aware than there was before :) So I guess my advice would simply be "Just do it." 


9.  Dream collaboration?  Can be a specific person, general person, company, etc.  What would you create together?!

I think it would be a dream to collaborate with any of the many amazing local artists and photographers here in RI.  I would be so honored and flattered if someone wanted me to transfer a photo or drawing of theirs and create something we made together :) I can transfer most anything onto wood but I try to use only things I draw or photograph (except for the maps I use obviously lol) but it would be super cool to be inspired by someone else's photos or drawings and add "my touch" to create something totally unique.  One of my closest friends is a photographer and she's been teaching/helping me from the beginning so I've been hoping to do a collaboration with her soon ;) 




See more of Ghyllians's work on Instagram and Facebook!



In the Field with Irene


In the Field with Irene

Field Interview: Irene Ora Newton-McClenning, Lumen Naturae


Today's interview is with Irene of Lumen Naturae.  This holiday season will be Irene's first time selling with Field of Artisans.  We're so excited to welcome her and her lovely work to the Field!  She has an extensive plant knowledge, along with a great amount of love and respect for the environment.  Her holistic devotion to her craft shines through the Lumen Naturae collection.  I loved getting to know Irene through this interview and am excited to spend time with her THIS SUNDAY, 12/3!


Find Lumen Naturae in the Field at Whalers Brewing Company on:

SUNDAY, 12/3  11:30-4:30


1.   What does your name, Lumen Naturae mean and how did you come up with it for your business?

Lumen Naturae means the light within the darkness, or the light of nature. I first came across it while reading some of the works of C. G. Jung, and it really resonated with me. I had been exploring a lot of his work, and the like, while beginning my journey with my product line. The light within the darkness is pretty much ones subconscious, and to see the light is for one to become conscious. I knew that I wanted to create products to help people take care of themselves consciously, and to be present. I feel that what Lumen Naturae means is ultimately where I want to take my vision for the business, to free oneself. Making natural personal care products are only the start. I have so many ideas I can’t wait to bring to light!


2.  Lumen Naturae consists of self care products ranging from herbal bath soaks to herbal teas.  Do you have core products that you are always creating and have readily available? 

The herbal soaks and steams are my core products. Other products are readily available, but do take time. The herbal oils can take up to 4-6 weeks to come to completion, so certain items might not be available due to these processes. My line is very plant focused, as I have always had a love for them. I’m constantly taking herbalism courses with many different teachers, and really trying to just live and breath plants. They have so much to teach us!



3.  When you say that your line is vegan, what does this mean?  What are some non vegan ingredients that are often found in self care products and what do you substitute them with? 

Vegan means to abstain from using any animal products in all areas of life as humanly possible. All of my products are plant based, and contain no byproducts from animals, even insects. That includes beeswax and honey. There are many other sources of waxes and sugars that aren’t produced by bees. For instance, I make an Elderberry syrup for myself during the winter months to help fight off sicknesses. Traditionally this syrup requires a lot of honey, but I use maple syrup instead. I’m originally from Vermont and have Sugar Makers in my family, so I am a strong advocate for maple syrup. It contains many key nutrients such as iron, calcium, and Vitamin B6. It is also an amazing antioxidant to help fight free radicals. And of course never any animal testing, EVER! 


FullSizeRender 6.jpg


4 .   You infuse herbs in oils rather than using essential oils.  What's your favorite herb to work with and what is it's beneficial qualities?

I do use essential oils in most of my products, but I limit their use. Using the whole plant for it’s complete healing properties to me, is respecting and honoring the plant. Using essential oils is ok in moderation, but I think they are being over used, and people may not understand how potent they are. My plan is to reformulate my products to use very little essential oils, if any at all. My favorite plant to infuse would be Calendula. It’s a great remedy for ailments like wounds and chapped skin, and it can help to speed up recovery time. The smell and color when straining Calendula are amazing, and it’s included it in my Remedy Balm.


5 .   Out of all the teas that you offer, which one is perfect to sip while painting, working, writing or anything that involves creative thinking?

First of all, I need to say I love tea! Drinking tea is a perfect way to supplement your personal self-care ritual, or just because! I would say that my current plant ally would be Holy Basil, or Tulsi. It is a valued adaptogen and I use it in many of my teas. I find it helps me to stay focused and relaxed while working on a project or my art. I’ll steep it on its own, or add some other herbs depending on my mood. You’ll find Tulsi in my Anahata tea, which I believe can spiritually open and heal heavy hearts and sorrows.



6.  Do you harvest ingredients from your yard?  How did you learn about harvesting (what to look for)?  Are you self taught?

 My husband and I have a good amount of land behind our house by a small river where I do forage plants, but mainly just for my personal use. Growing up in the woods of Vermont, I was always eating and playing with wild flowers, along with some other plants that were around. I was taught which were safe to handle, and which to avoid. I have fond memories as a child munching on Red clover while meandering around barefoot. I’ve also learned a lot from other herbalists, and from the courses that I have taken. One key rule is that you must always honor the plant, and never take more than necessary so that the plant is not harmed. I also don’t advise foraging without proper knowledge of plant identification, or before consulting someone you trust. Plants can be deadly, and you hear much too often about this happening. On a lighter note, I do have a couple raised garden beds and some clay pots that I use to grow several different types of plants for my products. It feels so satisfying to utilize plants that you’ve grown, and have created a connection with. 


7.   Your packaging is crisp and bold.  Do you print your labels yourself or do you design elsewhere?

Thank you, that’s very nice to hear! I take pride in my packaging and am a perfectionist when it comes to that. The secret behind my logo and label designs is my amazing husband! He creates my labels and performs any design work that I need, and I truly appreciate it. We do print the labels at home, and after some trial and error we are pretty much pros at it. I am grateful that I don’t need to use an outside source for any of my design needs at the moment.



8.  I see that you sometimes offer themed gift sets ( like the one for Valentine's Day)!  Do you have any holiday gift sets coming to Field of Artisans on 12/3?

I will! I have a lovely tea gift set to offer which will include a new tea. I will also have different sized muslin bags with a holiday theme for making various gift sets, depending on the type of products that are purchased.


See more of Irene's work on Instagram !

She also sells through her online shop!



FoA Holiday Gift Guide for Nature Lovers!


FoA Holiday Gift Guide for Nature Lovers!

Below are artists who create unique pieces inspired by nature or using nature materials.  ALL of the below will be selling at FIELD OF ARTISANS at WHALERS BREWING COMPANY!  Scroll to the bottom of the photos for DETAILS on the artist and the DATES each will be selling!

Art is all around us in nature!  These days it can be easy to forget to slow down, take a moment and observe, appreciate and be inspired by the beauty in a flower, sunset or snowfall.  Give the gift of balance, peace and natural beauty with a gift from one of these artists!


Nature's Atelier

Selling: 12/10

Erika immerses us in her beautiful nature photography.  Using textile digital printing, she is able to translate the details and colors of her images onto wearable fabrics and papers.  The Nature's Atelier offering includes wall art, cards, home textiles, and silk scarves.  All of the pieces feature Erika's macro photography.  


Lumen Naturae

Selling: 12/3

Lumen Naturae is a line of holistic vegan self care products made with plants and love!  Irene makes products from herbal bath soaks to herbal teas.  She infuses a lot of her own oils, using all parts of the plant in her creations.  She takes extra care in creating teas and products that aid in self care and slowing down.  When working on a project, her favorite plant to add to her a tea is holy basil.  We can't wait to try.  Stay tuned for an interview with Irene!


Sea Uniquely

Selling: 12/3 + 12/17

Wear a piece of the ocean with you wherever you go!  Stacy roams the beaches of RI searching for the perfect sea glass to make into beautiful pieces of jewelry.  She pairs the glass with sterling silver settings that she creates herself.  Find necklaces, earrings, bracelets and even wine charms at her booth!



Selling : 12/10

Ghyllian uses a multi stepped process to create art that satisfies her many passions:  environmentalism, geology, photography and drawing.  She takes photos in nature and transfers them onto wood.  She then paints and draws over the photo adding stylized details.  The work is finished with a coat of resin, protecting the wood and the image.  These beautiful wall hangings, coasters and magnets are truly one of a kind.  


Sage and Sea Apothecary

Selling: 12/10

Kendalyn draws from her knowledge and experience of reiki, meditation and self care to create a beautiful line of natural beauty and home products.  Her products are for the mind, body and spirit.  Not only do they smell and work wonderfully, they also look beautiful on a nightstand.  Her smokeless smudging spray for eliminating bad vibes is one of our favorites!  Check out her interview with Field of Artisans HERE!


Kate Martin Jewelry

Selling: 12/10

Kate's pieces are inspired by feathers, stonework, shadows, flowers and lots of nature.  She designs earrings, rings, pendants and bracelets with hammered, textured and etched sterling silver and copper.  She also sometimes uses lost wax castings to create her pieces.  Kate's jewelry is organic and beautiful!  


Yucky Rivah Bee Fahm

Selling: 12/17

Local beekeeper, Kate creates beauty products using ingredients from her hives.  She makes lip balm, healing wound cream, scrubs and more.  Discover the magical properties of honey. Depending on availability, she may be selling some honey jars too! Kate also sells framed photos and notecards depicting local nature photos.  


RI Mermaid

Selling: 12/10

One of a kind sea glass mermaids by RI Mermaid!  Diane finds her own sea glass and creates 3 dimensional mermaid scenes on canvas.  Each piece comes with quotes or personalized sayings.  A really fun, whimsical gift for any beach lover!


Mantra Candles

Selling: 12/3

Lisa hand pours soy candles and makes reed diffusers for the home.  Her scents are named after important intentions like, "gather" or "relax".  They are a wonderful and meaningful gift for someone with a new home or who may be starting a new chapter in life.  


Whalers Brewing Company

On Tap!

Luckily, we'll be popping up in a place that serves and sells delicious beverages!  We've paired this Nature Lover Gift Guide with the Wanderer, Double IPA (8.0% ABV)!  "This beer pours a hazy caramel color, layered with bold aromas of citrus and mango. [The] complex blend of hops add hefty tones of tangerine. This IPA finishes clean and punchy, yet not bitter."  What a great beer to sip on as you wander along on a nature walk!**


*The above images are a strong representation of the vendor's work.  All Field of Artisans vendors hand make what they are selling.  Please be aware that there may be variety in the assortment you see on the day of the event! :)
**This is based on the current tap selection.  Whalers taps are subject to change at anytime, but we know whatever is on tap during the holiday market will be delicious!


In the Field with Annie


In the Field with Annie

Field Interview: Annie Riecke, Ocean State of Mind RI

image1 (2).JPG

This week's interview is with Annie Riecke of Ocean State of Mind RI.  Annie's positive spirit shines through each hand painted sign she creates.  She started selling with Field of Artisans a couple of summers ago and right away she lit up the Field with her smile and love of life. She offers a sign for any occasion, location or feeling and is often painting custom signs on the spot at markets.  Give the gift of Rhody happiness with a sign from Ocean State of Mind RI! 


Find Ocean State of Mind RI in the Field at Whalers Brewing Company on:

SUNDAYS, 12/3 and 12/10, 11:30-4:30


1.  The name of your brand and your use of driftwood make it clear that Rhode Island has something to do with the origins of your business.  Was there a specific moment that you decided you wanted to create Ocean State of Mind RI?  

Around five years ago I started to notice all the wood that was washing up on our shorelines and littering our beaches.  I decided to start collecting driftwood to incorporate it into my home decor and to make signs for others. After creating some signs for charity, I realized that not only was this idea eco-friendly, but it was something I truly enjoyed creating.



2.  Driftwood is a common theme in your pieces, however you've recently introduced some new materials such as 100 year old slate tiles!  Do you plan to continue to expand the base of your signs, or was this a special, one time collection?

Sometimes I look to expand and sometimes things just fall into place! While I primarily work with wood, I try not to limit myself to just one medium.  My only rule of thumb is that the material has to have been used and is now being discarded.  I don't use new materials.  It defeats the purpose of being eco-friendly and minimizing waste.  


3.  You free hand all of your signs and your handwriting is so seamless, stylized and readable!  Have you always had such a good hand or is this something you've perfected over time?

My handwriting has always been pretty neat.  I passed a lot of hours of my education practicing my handwriting and doodling all over everything (sorry teachers).  When I first started painting, I stenciled for the first few months, but it wasn't until a client requested script signs for her daughter's wedding that I pushed myself outside of my comfort zone and started doing free hand.  After some hard practice, I never looked back.


il_fullxfull.912226481_a79x (1).jpg

4.  You have a way with words!  The messages and phrases on all of your pieces convey such positivity and are very relatable.  Do you ever have writer's block when coming up with each phrase?  Where do you look for inspiration when planning out these messages? 

Oh, man. I get writer's block, a lot!  When I get stuck, a lot of my inspiration comes from music.  I am constantly scouring for obscure bands, singers, and artists that I find relatable. Yoga has also been a big part of my life over the last two years and that's when a real shift happened in my messages of my signs. 


5.  What's one of your favorite inspirational quotes, phrases or words?

"The effect you have on others, is the most valuable currency there is."-Jim Carrey

This quote is part of his famous commencement address to Maharishi University.  For me, that speech was nothing short of life changing.


6.  You sell in person at markets but you also have a successful Etsy business, website and social media.  Do you find it's helpful to have an online presence?  How do you utilize your in person interactions as a way to direct more traffic to your digital platforms? 

I established myself online about 2 years before I ever did my first show.  I had customers all across the world, but so few in Rhode Island.  I decided to do markets to give myself a local presence.  Over the last 3 years I have used markets to give my business a personalization.  I find that once people have met me in person or have watched me paint (I paint on the spot at almost all my shows), it drives a lot of people back to my online shop. 




7.  I feel like you'd have a good playlist to work to?  Do you listen to music while painting?  What's on your playlist??  Or, do you work best in quiet?

I listen to music borderline obsessively. I always have music playing when painting; I find it helps me relax.  These are my tried and true favorites: Donavon Frankenreiter, Bob Marley, Anderson East, Ray Lamontagne, Jason Isbell, Tedeschi Trucks, Ziggy Marley, Toots and the Maytals, The Mallett Brothers Band (have to support local), Lake Street Dive, Sturgill Simpson, Chris Stapleton, 

Jack Johnson, The Allman Brothers, Sublime, The Band, and so much more. When I'm not working, I'm usually at a concert.


8.  It looks like you've done some commission work for companies who need signs at their brick and mortar, booth display etc.  Is this a service you are always offering?

I like working with shops that are like minded.  I love small businesses that are selling local artisans and putting money back into our community.  When you invest your money into a small business, you are supporting a dream.  I am always looking for new partnerships. 


19477749_1238295516293747_5639012304517128641_o (1).jpg


9.  Along with Ocean State of Mind RI, you are also a teacher.  What would your advice be to a fellow artist who works a full time job but also wants to find time to create a small business? 

Balance.  Do what sets your soul on fire and be mindful of your relationships. Having a business plus a full time career is challenging and exciting, but it's the people in your life that make it all worthwhile.  Start small and set parameters on your working time to keep it manageable.  I read a lot of articles and books the first 3 years of my business.  I don't have a degree in business and basically gave myself a constant crash course in marketing.  It made a big difference.


10.  Dream collaboration?  Can be a specific person, general person, company, etc.  What would you create together?! (We're already a HUGE fan of your collaboration with Art by Rosie!)

Art by Rosie is so great! I admire her work and I was thrilled to collaborate with her in creating reclaimed wooden wave art.  There are a lot of local artists that I LOVE, but, Alex Eaves of Stay Vocal has to be the next person I collaborate with.  He "rescues" t-shirts and gives them a second life by re-designing them.  Hopefully next year we will be able to make that happen.  In the meantime, you should totally check out his company Stay Vocal as well as his Box Truck which he transformed into a living space.  Dude is unreal and an inspiration to people who wish to find abundance in the things that already exist around them.


See more of Annie's work on Instagram and Facebook

She also sells through her online shop!



FoA Holiday Gift Guide for Trendsetters!

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FoA Holiday Gift Guide for Trendsetters!

Below are artists who create unique pieces that contribute to our personal style, wardrobe and accessory collection.  ALL of the below will be selling at FIELD OF ARTISANS at WHALERS BREWING COMPANY!  Scroll to the bottom of the photos for DETAILS on the artist and the DATES each will be selling!

Some of us are jewelry people, others have a handbag weakness.  The great thing about handmade accessories, is that no two are alike.  A handmade accessory is a great gift because you know the receiver won't have anything like it!  


Liv and Lov

Selling: 12/10

Rhode Island silversmith and jeweler, Dora Szekely designs and creates gorgeous pieces that are ecological and ethical.  Her designs are organic and natural, yet glamorous!  Dora takes her sourcing seriously and uses only fairmined and recycled sterling silver and gold.  Each stone is genuine and natural.  For custom pieces she will offer gemstones that she has sourced directly from the mines.  She is working towards only using materials that can be fully traced to the source, protecting the environment and the workers.  This is a very special gift option.  



Selling: 12/10

Gale knits winter accessories and sews children's outfits that have a certain whimsy and spunk to them!  The quality behind her work is exceptional.  She is always adding new styles like hats that resemble fox ears or cozy headbands in a variety of colors.  She pays attention to detail.  Anyone would be thrilled to receive a Sugartogs gift just in time for the winter months ahead!


Lazuli Handcrafted

Selling: 12/10

Erika is inspired by women, geology and the natural world.  Her jewelry is created using electroforming, a process that allows the copper to grow, resulting in a very natural, "unearthed" look.  She uses raw crystals in everything from earrings, bracelets, hairpins and more.  Her pieces are minimalistic, yet extremely eye catching!  Great for layering!  


Jodi Manca Studios

Selling : 12/10 + 12/17

Jodi sews bags with fun and colorful prints.  They are the perfect size for carrying books, going to the beach or for anyone who constantly needs a day trip bag even to run errands!  Bags aren't her only focus!  She also paints custom pet portraits (the pups and kittens will want to open something Christmas morning too)!


Violet Drury Designs

Selling: 12/3

Delicate, feminine jewelry by Violet!  Each piece is so pretty and made with carefully chosen pearls and semi precious stones.  Violet uses traditional stringing methods and wire wrapping techniques.  Her pieces can be layered or also stand alone in a striking, luminous way!  A beautiful gift for jewelry lovers and people who want to wear a piece that is very wearable for a variety of occasions.   


Olive Branch Baby

Selling: 12/3

Marcia creates baby goods that double as stylish jewelry for adults!  Moms who are having their pearl necklaces chewed on by their teething babe, will really appreciated a teether necklace made of toxin free beads that resemble marble or pearls!  Her color combos are so pretty, some neutral and some festive!  Babies and parents alike will love a gift from Olive Branch Baby!  Check out Marcia's interview with Field of Artisans HERE!


Blue i Designs

Selling: 12/10

Local jeweler, Kelly Jarvis creates a huge variety of beautiful jewelry.  There is something for EVERYONE at her booth!  She uses really interesting stone like turquoise and quartz that resemble aerial landscapes.  She weaves beaded wraps that are perfect for everyday wear (some even double as chokers).  She also offers stamped copper bangles with uplifting words on them.  Check out the interview she did with Field of Artisans for more details on her work HERE!


Scarlet's Wraps

Selling: 12/17

Enhance a simple outfit with a lovely wrap made by Leita.  She focuses on shape, texture and the flow of fabric when creating each piece.  Her fabrics are beautiful and range from solid color to interesting prints to textures that catch the light.  These wraps are a perfect addition to transform an outfit from work to dinner appropriate!


Lily's Fantastic Jewelry

Selling: 12/10 + 12/17

11 year old jeweler, Lily creates vibrant, colorful pieces that add a touch of color to your look.  While her ankle bracelets have been a bestseller at Field of Artisans, her necklaces and earrings are also very popular across all ages.  Lily is constantly coming up with new ideas, styles and finding pretty new charms to create unique pieces!  Her positive spirit shines through each piece.  


3hc Designs

Selling: 12/17

Handstamped spoon jewelry by Lori!  Lori creates a variety of pieces from leather cuffs, to pendants and ornaments.  She uses parts of the prettiest antique spoons in her one of kind pieces.  Necklaces stamped with words like "dream" and "hope" are something we all should be wearing!  Such a fun booth to shop at and a really fun gift to give!


Functional Whimsy

Selling: 12/17

Amy must have a lot of fun creating her jewelry line.  Her collection is quirky, cheeky and sometimes nostalgic.  She adheres vintage images to laser cut wood, creating a way for us to wear some of our favorite memories.  She also works with images of butterflies and butterfly wings!  Each piece is detailed and definitely a conversation starter!  


Natural Glo Designs

Selling: 12/3

Using crystals, gemstones and mixed metals, Laken creates colorful and eye catching jewelry.  Her pieces are perfect for festive occasions or to dress up a simple black dress.  She offers a range of pieces and always has a variety of color options within her crystals and gemstones.  You'll find unique chains paired with each pendant as well!  Definitely a gift that will be exciting to open!


Nillbean Accessories

Selling: 12/17

Need some fun stocking stuffers?!  Head to Stine's booth!  She is inspired by bohemian looks.  She creates a range of stackable bracelets with meaningful charms.  She also makes hair elastics (the kind that don't hurt your hair) with quirky prints and fun colors.  Her hair elastic sets can be custom ordered for specific color combos or occasions!  


Carol's Crafts

Selling: 12/3

Carol crochets the cutest outfits for little ones!  She uses a variety of yarns, materials and colors.  In addition she crochets hand towels, bags and whimsical characters (over everyday tools, like a measuring tape).  You'll want to spend time in her booth!  There's lots to look at and you're sure to find something for anyone with a kitchen to a small child. ;) 


Whalers Brewing Company

On Tap!

Luckily, we'll be popping up in a place that serves and sells delicious beverages!  We've paired this Trendsetter Gift Guide with the the tasting flight at Whalers!  The taproom menu is constantly rotating with seasonal and new brews!  You'll want to try them all.  Try a flight while you ponder the gifts you will purchase at Field of Artisans!**


*The above images are a strong representation of the vendor's work.  All Field of Artisans vendors hand make what they are selling.  Please be aware that there may be variety in the assortment you see on the day of the event! :)
**This is based on the current tap selection.  Whalers taps are subject to change at anytime, but we know whatever is on tap during the holiday market will be delicious!

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FoA Holiday Gift Guide for Interior Lovers!

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FoA Holiday Gift Guide for Interior Lovers!

Below are some artists who create pieces that help us make our homes a reflection of us.  ALL of the below will be selling at FIELD OF ARTISANS at WHALERS BREWING COMPANY!  Scroll to the bottom of the photos for DETAILS on the artist and the DATES each will be selling!

Our living space is somewhat of a canvas for us to express our interests, style and present life.  The pieces someone chooses to have in their kitchen, living room, bedroom or even bathroom tell us a lot about them.  Some of us have more of an interior design skill set, but I think that most of us can always enjoy a cup of tea in a beautiful mug or the vibrant colors that the sun creates as it shines through a mosaic.  


Broken Goat Studio

Selling: 12/3, 12/10 + 12/17

South County local, Suzanne Thoms is the potter behind the beautiful work of Broken Goat Studio.  Her handcrafted and illustrated earthenware pottery is inspired by nature and the human spirit.  The organic shapes and natural color schemes would look lovely in any nature lovers kitchen.


Mosaic Impressions

Selling: 12/17

Beth Goulet is multi talented and multi passionate.  She creates vibrant mosaics and fluid acrylic paintings. Most of her window scenes are inspired by her very own window view!  She loves playing with the reflection of light.  Her pieces would make a wonderful addition to someones sun room.  Beth also welcomes custom orders!


Artefacts Collection

Selling: 12/10

Sarah laser cuts glassware, tumblers, coasters, ornaments and more!  She offers a wide collection of Rhody themed housewares.  A perfect gift for RI locals or visitors who miss the Ocean State all winter long.  Laser cut wood jewelry and other handmade pieces also make up Artefacts Collection.  Sarah always has a unique and eclectic mix!


Slippery Elm Woodworks

Selling : 12/3 + 12/17

Cabe creates fine wood pieces for the home.  Simple designs and quality materials make for beautiful pieces that will last for generations.  Looking for a special housewarming gift or a gift to jumpstart a married life?  Slippery Elm Woodworks makes cutting boards, chopsticks, knife racks, bottle openers and more!


WICKed Candles

Selling: 12/10

A fun gift for the beer lover in your life, entertainer or someone who advocates for protecting our environment!  Julie makes healthy and clean soy candles in beer cans and liquor bottles.  She'll have a variety, but she'll definitely have Whalers candles on 12/10!


End of the Day Glass

Selling: 12/3

Unique, hand blown glass by Jesse!  Gorgeous glassware, ornaments, marbles and more!  Each piece is well-designed.  There's something very special about owning handblown glass. The process seems so out of reach to many.  Jesse will also be offering moss pod terrariums!  A way to bring a little nature indoors during these cold months!


Shayna Darezzo

Selling: 12/3

Shayna creates original drawings with a vibrant realism style.  Her food drawings are mouthwatering (a perfect wall hanging for the kitchen) and her animal drawings are so adorable and real, you want to hug them (so cute framed in a child's room).  You can purchase originals or prints from Shayna on 12/3!


Ocean State of Mind

Selling: 12/3 + 12/10

Annie has the inspirational messages down!  She paints uplifting words, phrases and quotes (with a beautiful hand) on reclaimed wood and slate.  Her clean penmanship is enviable.  Everyone could use more positivity in their lives and Annie provides it with her work!


Art by Rosie

Selling: 12/3 + 12/17

If you're looking for a truly one of a kind gift, Rosie is your artist!  Her style is all her own and has become so recognizable in RI.  Inspired by aerial landscape shots, Rosie creates abstract and organic paintings on reclaimed wood.  She offers wall hangings, coasters and ornaments.  Have a surfer in your life?  Rosie has a unique take on your typical wave painting!  


Whalers Brewing Company

On Tap!

Luckily, we'll be popping up in a place that serves and sells delicious beverages!  We've paired this Interiors Gift Guide with the Rise (Flagship, 5.5% ABV)!  "A bright citrus aroma leads to a pleasantly smooth body with a subtle hop spice that lingers in the background."  The Rise can be purchased in cans or in a growler in the tap room.  Our home is our flagship, let's decorate it with purpose!**



*The above images are a strong representation of the vendor's work.  All Field of Artisans vendors hand make what they are selling.  Please be aware that there may be variety in the assortment you see on the day of the event! :)
**This is based on the current tap selection.  Whalers taps are subject to change at anytime, but we know whatever is on tap during the holiday market will be delicious!

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