Below are artists who create pieces that give us an excuse to take our eyes off the screen! ALL of the below will be selling at FIELD OF ARTISANS at WHALERS BREWING COMPANY!  Scroll to the bottom of the photos for DETAILS on the artist and the DATES each will be selling!

I hope that pen pals still exist and I hope that snail mail is always a thing.  Everyday I check my mailbox (the real life one, outside...) with a small amount of anticipation! Even though I'm usually finding bills, grocery flyers and credit card ads, I always have hope for something a little more personal, special or just pretty!

Overall, the art of writing and penmanship should be treasured a bit more! 

Leigh Medeiros

Selling: 12/3 + 12/17

 Leigh is a master of all things creative.  She'll be selling a range of beautiful goodies!  I've highlighted her Nature Card Sets and Coloring Books in this gift guide.  Coloring in front of the Christmas tree or fireplace is such a better alternative to scrolling!  These nature cards are so pretty and a great size to attach to a gift or stuff a stocking with! P.S. Interview with Leigh coming to the blog soon!

Hannah Stracensky

Selling: 12/3 + 12/10 + 12/17

I don't know about anyone else, but I forget 90% of the appointments I put in my phone calendar.  I'm a visual person, which means I'd much prefer a wall calendar that I see all the time!  Hannah has a nature inspired, folk art drawing style and I would love to receive one of her 2018 Calendars as a gift!

Rarities Bindery

Selling: 12/17

Kelly creates hand bound Journals out of beautiful antique papers and leathers.  You may have seen her Instagram takeover on the Field of Artisans Instagram a couple of weeks ago!  This is a perfect gift for newlyweds, new parents, or a friend who writes.  She also makes preservation boxes to store your journal or precious item!

Once in a Blue Moon

Selling : 12/17

Once in a Blue Moon is a collaboration between nature loving friends Hannah and Emmah.  The girls create lovely paintings and greeting cards inspired by nature and color.  Two different but very complimentary styles!  These Holiday Cards and Block Printed Cards are a perfect addition to any gift!

Love Letters by Emily

Selling: 12/3

Mother/Daughter duo, Emily and Carolyn share the love of ASL with unique and thought provoking designs featuring the ASL alphabet and other hand images like a heart or pinky promise.  Gifting a pack of these Love Letter Cards or adding one to your thoughtful gift is a wonderful way to bring awareness  and love in a one of a kind way!

 Whalers Brewing Company

On Tap!

Luckily, we'll be popping up in a place that serves and sells delicious beverages!  We've paired this Pen Pal Gift Guide with the Whalers Hazelnut Stout (Seasonal, 6.5% ABV)!  "A cream stout with a light hazelnut aroma, accompanied by a smooth, velvety body that leaves lingering dark chocolate and coffee notes."  Any writer would love a growler, a perfect compliment to deep thoughts!**



*The above images are a strong representation of the vendor's work.  All Field of Artisans vendors hand make what they are selling.  Please be aware that there may be variety in the assortment you see on the day of the event! :)
**This is based on the current tap selection.  Whalers taps are subject to change at anytime, but we know whatever is on tap during the holiday market will be delicious!