Below are artists who create unique pieces that contribute to our personal style, wardrobe and accessory collection.  ALL of the below will be selling at FIELD OF ARTISANS at WHALERS BREWING COMPANY!  Scroll to the bottom of the photos for DETAILS on the artist and the DATES each will be selling!

Some of us are jewelry people, others have a handbag weakness.  The great thing about handmade accessories, is that no two are alike.  A handmade accessory is a great gift because you know the receiver won't have anything like it!  


Liv and Lov

Selling: 12/10

Rhode Island silversmith and jeweler, Dora Szekely designs and creates gorgeous pieces that are ecological and ethical.  Her designs are organic and natural, yet glamorous!  Dora takes her sourcing seriously and uses only fairmined and recycled sterling silver and gold.  Each stone is genuine and natural.  For custom pieces she will offer gemstones that she has sourced directly from the mines.  She is working towards only using materials that can be fully traced to the source, protecting the environment and the workers.  This is a very special gift option.  



Selling: 12/10

Gale knits winter accessories and sews children's outfits that have a certain whimsy and spunk to them!  The quality behind her work is exceptional.  She is always adding new styles like hats that resemble fox ears or cozy headbands in a variety of colors.  She pays attention to detail.  Anyone would be thrilled to receive a Sugartogs gift just in time for the winter months ahead!


Lazuli Handcrafted

Selling: 12/10

Erika is inspired by women, geology and the natural world.  Her jewelry is created using electroforming, a process that allows the copper to grow, resulting in a very natural, "unearthed" look.  She uses raw crystals in everything from earrings, bracelets, hairpins and more.  Her pieces are minimalistic, yet extremely eye catching!  Great for layering!  


Jodi Manca Studios

Selling : 12/10 + 12/17

Jodi sews bags with fun and colorful prints.  They are the perfect size for carrying books, going to the beach or for anyone who constantly needs a day trip bag even to run errands!  Bags aren't her only focus!  She also paints custom pet portraits (the pups and kittens will want to open something Christmas morning too)!


Violet Drury Designs

Selling: 12/3

Delicate, feminine jewelry by Violet!  Each piece is so pretty and made with carefully chosen pearls and semi precious stones.  Violet uses traditional stringing methods and wire wrapping techniques.  Her pieces can be layered or also stand alone in a striking, luminous way!  A beautiful gift for jewelry lovers and people who want to wear a piece that is very wearable for a variety of occasions.   


Olive Branch Baby

Selling: 12/3

Marcia creates baby goods that double as stylish jewelry for adults!  Moms who are having their pearl necklaces chewed on by their teething babe, will really appreciated a teether necklace made of toxin free beads that resemble marble or pearls!  Her color combos are so pretty, some neutral and some festive!  Babies and parents alike will love a gift from Olive Branch Baby!  Check out Marcia's interview with Field of Artisans HERE!


Blue i Designs

Selling: 12/10

Local jeweler, Kelly Jarvis creates a huge variety of beautiful jewelry.  There is something for EVERYONE at her booth!  She uses really interesting stone like turquoise and quartz that resemble aerial landscapes.  She weaves beaded wraps that are perfect for everyday wear (some even double as chokers).  She also offers stamped copper bangles with uplifting words on them.  Check out the interview she did with Field of Artisans for more details on her work HERE!


Scarlet's Wraps

Selling: 12/17

Enhance a simple outfit with a lovely wrap made by Leita.  She focuses on shape, texture and the flow of fabric when creating each piece.  Her fabrics are beautiful and range from solid color to interesting prints to textures that catch the light.  These wraps are a perfect addition to transform an outfit from work to dinner appropriate!


Lily's Fantastic Jewelry

Selling: 12/10 + 12/17

11 year old jeweler, Lily creates vibrant, colorful pieces that add a touch of color to your look.  While her ankle bracelets have been a bestseller at Field of Artisans, her necklaces and earrings are also very popular across all ages.  Lily is constantly coming up with new ideas, styles and finding pretty new charms to create unique pieces!  Her positive spirit shines through each piece.  


3hc Designs

Selling: 12/17

Handstamped spoon jewelry by Lori!  Lori creates a variety of pieces from leather cuffs, to pendants and ornaments.  She uses parts of the prettiest antique spoons in her one of kind pieces.  Necklaces stamped with words like "dream" and "hope" are something we all should be wearing!  Such a fun booth to shop at and a really fun gift to give!


Functional Whimsy

Selling: 12/17

Amy must have a lot of fun creating her jewelry line.  Her collection is quirky, cheeky and sometimes nostalgic.  She adheres vintage images to laser cut wood, creating a way for us to wear some of our favorite memories.  She also works with images of butterflies and butterfly wings!  Each piece is detailed and definitely a conversation starter!  


Natural Glo Designs

Selling: 12/3

Using crystals, gemstones and mixed metals, Laken creates colorful and eye catching jewelry.  Her pieces are perfect for festive occasions or to dress up a simple black dress.  She offers a range of pieces and always has a variety of color options within her crystals and gemstones.  You'll find unique chains paired with each pendant as well!  Definitely a gift that will be exciting to open!


Nillbean Accessories

Selling: 12/17

Need some fun stocking stuffers?!  Head to Stine's booth!  She is inspired by bohemian looks.  She creates a range of stackable bracelets with meaningful charms.  She also makes hair elastics (the kind that don't hurt your hair) with quirky prints and fun colors.  Her hair elastic sets can be custom ordered for specific color combos or occasions!  


Carol's Crafts

Selling: 12/3

Carol crochets the cutest outfits for little ones!  She uses a variety of yarns, materials and colors.  In addition she crochets hand towels, bags and whimsical characters (over everyday tools, like a measuring tape).  You'll want to spend time in her booth!  There's lots to look at and you're sure to find something for anyone with a kitchen to a small child. ;) 


Whalers Brewing Company

On Tap!

Luckily, we'll be popping up in a place that serves and sells delicious beverages!  We've paired this Trendsetter Gift Guide with the the tasting flight at Whalers!  The taproom menu is constantly rotating with seasonal and new brews!  You'll want to try them all.  Try a flight while you ponder the gifts you will purchase at Field of Artisans!**


*The above images are a strong representation of the vendor's work.  All Field of Artisans vendors hand make what they are selling.  Please be aware that there may be variety in the assortment you see on the day of the event! :)
**This is based on the current tap selection.  Whalers taps are subject to change at anytime, but we know whatever is on tap during the holiday market will be delicious!

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