Field of Artisans

7/14 Shopping Guide

Find the below artists in the Field THIS SATURDAY, July 14th at South Kingstown Town Beach from 11am-4pm.  Artists change weekly so don't miss these unique vendors! 

Scroll to the bottom of the photos for DETAILS on the artist!

SATURDAY, JULY 14th, 2018


South Kingstown Town Beach

706 Matunuck Beach Road

Matunuck, RI

*Please note, it is free to walk on the beach but there is a fee to park.  To avoid the fee, you can get dropped off, get here early to try for a street spot down the road or try the $8 lot a short walk away.


Mack and Hound

Each leather piece is hand cut, hand burnished, hand sewn individually by Ryan O'Keefe.  Mack and Hound offers a variety of leather and dry goods such as wallets, keychains, jewelry, and other everyday carry.  Ryan takes great care in making each piece, admiring the natural folds, colors and grains of the leather.  You may see that he is inspired occasionally by beer and punk.  ;)  We're excited to welcome him to the Field!


Lumen Naturae

Lumen Naturae is a line of holistic vegan self care products made with plants and love!  Irene makes products from herbal bath soaks to herbal teas.  She infuses a lot of her own oils, using all parts of the plant in her creations.  She takes extra care in creating teas and products that aid in self care and slowing down.  When working on a project, her favorite plant to add to her tea is holy basil.  


Kate Martin Jewelry

Kate's pieces are inspired by feathers, stonework, shadows, flowers and lots of nature.  She designs earrings, rings, pendants and bracelets with hammered, textured and etched sterling silver and copper.  She also sometimes uses lost wax castings to create her pieces.  Kate's jewelry is organic and beautiful!  


Mabel's Mugs

Cindy's pottery is not only beautiful but light hearted and fun.  She creates each piece with a functional purpose in mind but incorporates her sense of humor through catchy phrases, words or images.  She favors earthy tones and deep rich glazes.  Cindy uses her art as a platform to support dog rescues.  


Backyard Beach

Wendy creates unique one of kind, nautical and beach inspired pieces for the home.  She spends lots of hours collecting, sorting and cleaning shells and stones as this is her main medium.  She aims to preserve and highlight the natural beauty of the shell or stone in her work.  You'll find lighting fixtures, shadow boxes, centerpieces and more at her booth.  


2 Lucky Tigers Handcrafts

2 Lucky Tigers is a collection of one of a kind, limited edition handbags, totes, and other accessories sewn from nature, sea and science themed fabric.  Melissa teaches biology and marine science at a local university and is an oceanographer in training.  She's combined her many interests to create functional and durable accessories that are also fun!


Natural Glo Designs

Using crystals, gemstones and mixed metals, Laken creates colorful and eye catching jewelry.  Her pieces are perfect for festive occasions or to dress up a simple black dress.  She offers a range of pieces and always has a variety of color options within her crystals and gemstones.  You'll find unique chains paired with each pendant as well!  


Old Flame Candles

Small batch soy candles made by Meghan!  She hand pours and formulates the wax.  The candles come in a variety of containers but many come in color stained glass for a pop of color.  We can't wait to stock up!


Ocean State of Mind

Annie has the inspirational messages down!  She paints uplifting words, phrases and quotes (with a beautiful hand) on reclaimed wood and slate.  Her clean penmanship is enviable.  Everyone could use more positivity in their lives and Annie provides it with her work!


Lily's Fantastic Jewelry

Lily creates vibrant, colorful pieces that add a touch of color to your look.  While her ankle bracelets have been a bestseller at Field of Artisans, her necklaces and earrings are also very popular across all ages.  Lily is constantly coming up with new ideas, styles and finding pretty new charms to create unique pieces!  Her positive spirit shines through each piece.  


Apocalyptical Decor

Hollie wants viewers to experience a moment of beauty and emotion in the mind, body and soul when looking at her work.  She creates beautiful abstract paintings, mosaics and some jewelry.  Her work is filled with wonder and cannot be replicated due to the organic and inspired process she uses.  


Blue i Designs

Local jeweler, Kelly Jarvis creates a huge variety of beautiful jewelry.  There is something for EVERYONE at her booth!  She uses really interesting stones like turquoise and quartz that resemble aerial landscapes.  She weaves beaded wraps that are perfect for everyday wear (some even double as chokers).  She also offers stamped copper bangles with uplifting words on them.  


Pat Gauthier

Pat paints amazing acrylic paintings with a focus on RI beaches and nautical themes.  She is inspired by the very path we setup along at South Kingstown Town Beach. So, don't be surprised if you find yourself reminiscing and day dreaming of your Matunuck days in her booth.  The ocean moves her to create and her paintings move us! 


Ethereal Daughters

Vision and designs by Field of Artisans founder, Katrina, Ethereal Daughters consists of bohemian jewelry and hair accessories.  She uses repurposed leather and hand cuts, paints and stitches the leather.  She often incorporates feathers, especially in the headbands and earrings. 


Besos by Amber

Amber makes healing beaded bracelets using fine quality gemstone and wood beads.  Her color combinations are really pretty and stackable!  All of the pieces come with a description card of the healing properties of the beads used on that particular piece.  


College Collections

Created by Eddie and other fellow alumni and artists, College Collections is an online platform created to allow college students, professors, and alumni to collaborate and share their artwork with the world. Their goal is to facilitate interactions and support amongst artists. They help gain exposure for their members and sell College Collections themed apparel to market their mission!  We're excited to have them return to the Field!


Atlantic Impressions

Michelle of Atlantic Impressions is a biology professor combining her love of art and the sea.  She collects local seaweed across New England, sorts, cleans, arranges and presses it into beautiful forms. She then frames the one of a kind piece or creates greeting cards.  Each frame and arrangement compliments the natural look and movement of the seaweed.  


Perspective by the Sea

Lexi captures her favorite places in photographs that stimulate awe and wonder in the viewer.  She turns her photographs into photo frames, wall art, metal photos, photo cards, canvas, etc.  The colors are vibrant and her work would definitely make a statement in any home. 


Find different artist vendors every Saturday starting June 9th through August 25th.  Our location rotates by the month, so make sure to mark your calendars with this schedule!   


*The above images are a strong representation of the vendor's work.  All Field of Artisans vendors hand make what they are selling.  Please be aware that there may be variety in the assortment you see on the day of the event! :)