Field of Artisans

Opening Day Shopping Guide

Warmer days are here and that means Field of Artisans moves outside to our favorite locations, water view and ocean breeze included!

Find the below artists in the Field THIS SATURDAY, June 9th at Marina Park from 11am-4pm.  Artists change weekly so don't miss these unique vendors! 

Scroll to the bottom of the photos for DETAILS on the artist!

SATURDAY, JUNE 9th, 2018


Marina Park

214 Salt Pond Road

South Kingstown, RI



Friends and business partners, Melanie and Keri created MKindred to inspire dream manifestation in the wearer.  MKindred jewelry is handmade with semi precious gemstones and sterling silver, pewter or 14K gold. Each piece comes with a card explaining the properties and intentions of the stones and charms.  Positivity and Strength is always present within the MKindred brand!


41N 71S RC Woodturning

These pieces are truly one of a kind!  Using a wood lathe, Rex lets the wood tell him which direction to create.  Bring art into your room with housewares that will stand the test of time (in style and quality)!


The Blank Space Collection

Hallie sketches and stitches color and sarcasm into fun loving images and messages!  Her embroidery pieces will brighten up any mood with an ironic combination of cheeky phrases embroidered into sampler hoops (historically used to test needlework skill).  Hallie also uses pen and ink to illustrate coloring books and printed cards.  


College Collections

Created by Eddie and other fellow alumni and artists, College Collections is an online platform created to allow college students, professors, and alumni to collaborate and share their artwork with the world. Their goal is to facilitate interactions and support amongst artists. They help gain exposure for their members and sell College Collections themed apparel to market their mission!  We're excited to have them return to the Field!


Legendary Lynn

Magical illustrations by Lynn!  She is largely inspired by fairytales depicting women and animals. Each illustration is created using colored pencil, watercolor and marker.  Lynn will be selling fine art prints and stickers of her work.


Botanical Brass

Working mainly with copper and brass (occasionally silver), Katherine creates jewelry using a roll printing process and real leaves that she's collected!  Each leaf can only be rolled once, so a Botanical Brass piece is special and truly one of a kind!  A Field favorite is her poison ivy ring!


lzbth Ponchos

Elizabeth sews fun and flattering ponchos to accent any outfit or to take you from the beach to lunch!  She repurposes vintage clothing and accessories and gives them a new life.  Each poncho is totally unique.  Elizabeth has a talented eye for tailoring fabrics in just the right way so they flow in pattern and movement.   


Atlantic Impressions

Michelle of Atlantic Impressions is a biology professor combining her love of art and the sea.  She collects local seaweed across New England, sorts, cleans, arranges and presses it into beautiful forms. She then frames the one of a kind piece or creates greeting cards.  Each frame and arrangement compliments the natural look and movement of the seaweed.  


Ethereal Daughters

Vision and designs by Field of Artisans founder, Katrina, Ethereal Daughters consists of bohemian jewelry and hair accessories.  She uses repurposed leather and hand cuts, paints and stitches the leather.  She often incorporates feathers, especially in the headbands and earrings.  


Sweet Peach Burns

Alaina creates heart warming decor and unique functional items through pyrography.  She is based out of Georgia but she and her company were born in RI so a majority of her work is coastal inspired.  You'll find an array of customized spoons, cutting boards and dog tags etc at her booth!  


Old Flame Candles

Small batch soy candles made by Meghan!  She hand pours and formulates the wax.  The candles come in a variety of containers but many come in color stained glass for a pop of color.  We can't wait to stock up!


Elda Dawber and Mariellen Langworthy

Author duo and wives, Elda and Mariellen will be joining forces this Saturday.  They both have wonderful published works ranging from children's, young adult to adult. The topics range as well, think mystery, surf, historical fiction and quirky Saturday fun!


The Domesticated Wild Child

Corinn of The Domesticated Wild Child creates organic and ethically wild harvested herbal infusions and combines them in a wide range of products for everyday wellness and topical care. Her facial, baby, and outdoor lines make herbalism accessible to the local community. 


Drea Lin Handcrafts

With a variety of interests and passions, Andrea works on an array of specialities, however she tends to lean towards hand painted decor and leather jewelry.  She loves exploring different aspects of creativity and everything she does is handmade (cut, painted etc).  We're excited to experience her creative journey this weekend.


Carol's Crafts

Carol crochets the cutest outfits for little ones!  She uses a variety of yarns, materials and colors.  In addition she crochets hand towels, bags and whimsical characters (over everyday tools, like a measuring tape).  You'll want to spend time in her booth!  There's lots to look at and you're sure to find something for anyone with a kitchen to a small child. ;) 


Find different artist vendors every Saturday starting June 9th through August 25th.  Our location rotates by the month, so make sure to mark your calendars with this schedule!   


*The above images are a strong representation of the vendor's work.  All Field of Artisans vendors hand make what they are selling.  Please be aware that there may be variety in the assortment you see on the day of the event! :)