Field of Artisans x Whalers Brewing Company

Thursday, 2/7 Shopping Guide

Find the below artists in the Field THIS COMING THURSDAY, February 7th in the taproom at Whalers Brewing Company from 4pm-9pm. ONE WEEK before Valentine’s Day and the perfect, most unique gifts! Scroll to the bottom of the photos for DETAILS on the artist!

THURSDAY, February 7th, 2019


Whalers Brewing Company

1174 Kingstown Road

South Kingstown, RI

Kalai Jewelry

Finding inspiration in personal talisman and world travel, Carrie creates special adornment from recycled silver. With detailed cutouts and a hint of mystique, these special, one of a kind amulets provide us with feelings of protection, magic and power.


Jim illustrates using the very detailed and time consuming technique of pointillism. He prefers this method because of the depth and contrast it can offer. His illustrations are inspired by a lifetime of commercial and sport fishing experience. While his work represents real species, the personification of the creatures, with their amusing expressions, makes his work super unique. 401H20 offers these original illustrations on apparel as well.

Shara Porter Designs

Contrast is a signature of designer and illustrator, Shara Porter. She delights in unexpected pairings between her illustrations and accessory shapes. She handprints original designs on vegan and leather accessories (also designed by her) such as wallets and purses in her New Bedford studio. Her ink is developed with a chemist to ensure permanence. You’ll have so much fun sorting through her cute characters and trendy prints!

Rhode Island Pirate

Blake carves quahog shells revealing and highlighting the beautiful purple of wampum. She finds the shells along the RI coastline and then through a multi stepped process of smashing, sanding, shaping and polishing she creates one of a kind jewelry. True RI treasure!

Wo-He-Lo Knitwear

We all need Wo-He-Lo knits in our lives right now! Lindsay hand knits the coziest beanies, braided headbands, cowls, scarves and more out of her Boston studio. Her color schemes are universal and will be a welcome addition to any winter outfit this winter.

RA HA Jewelry

Made by hand in Providence, each unique piece of RA HA Jewelry resembles an abstract line drawing.  One of her most popular and signature styles is the Picasso earring in 14K rose gold!  Julia uses gold, silver and brass to hand form original drawings into earrings.  Often a gem or stone is soldered on to add a simple but personal detail. 

Trek Dog

The Trek Dog team, Zac, Nick and Lilian are your go-to for doggy Valentine’s needs! They hand cut each dog leash and collar to length, hand press rivets and will even customize your piece with your dog’s name. All of their work is 100% vegan, water proof, odor proof and stain proof. There are also dozens of color combinations to choose from. Don’t forget, Whalers is dog friendly….maybe your pup would like a say?!

Forbes’ Flowers

Garden inspired floral design by Amy Forbes. Amy is very detailed in inspecting each plant she incorporates into her wreaths, house arrangements and terrariums. She works with fresh flowers as well as dried plants and air plants creating lasting pieces that will add to your home.

Catparty Design Studio

A super fun array of enamel pins, stickers, and other accessories all designed and illustrated by Nicky in her studio on the West End of Providence. With a focus on animal lovers, party people, mischief makers and everything in between, an emotional connection is guaranteed when shopping her work.

Violet Drury Designs

Delicate, feminine jewelry by Violet!  Each piece is so pretty and made with carefully chosen pearls and semi precious stones.  Violet uses traditional stringing methods and wire wrapping techniques.  Her pieces can be layered or also stand alone in a striking, luminous way!  These pieces are very wearable for a variety of occasions.  

Painting Daisies

Local Narragansett photographer, Tracey, captures the essence of summer in New England, with a large focus on South County. Her beach cruiser shots make up one of her most popular series.  These images often feature a vibrant, vintage bike covered in flowers or parked outside a beach.  Tracey sells her photos in prints, greeting cards etc. 

Plainville Homestead

Pam creates small batch, organic skincare, bath/body products and artisan soaps. You’ll find shaving products, face masks, even apple cider vinegar hair rinses at her booth! Her packaging is neutral, making her work the perfect compliment to any gift. Oh! She also sells raw honey :)

Kate Simpson Designs

We're so excited to have Kate back in the Field!  Her sterling silver jewelry is dainty, yet eye catching.  She hand makes every detail right down to the clasp and links.  Kate is a beach lover and you'll definitely recognize this influence in her booth.  She is often incorporating pearls, coral and shells in her pieces.

Love Letters by Emily

Mother/Daughter duo, Emily and Carolyn share the love of ASL with unique and thought provoking designs featuring the ASL alphabet and other hand images like a heart or pinky promise.  Gifting a pack of these Love Letter Cards or adding one to your thoughtful gift is a wonderful way to bring awareness  and love in a one of a kind way!

Our Corner Booth

Nick and Ang create beautiful handmade functional housewares and decorations. Ornaments, cutting boards, candle holders, birdhouses, up-cycled furniture and more are made through a variety of techniques such as milling, grinding, painting, sanding, welding, cutting, etc. It’s obvious that they have pay a lot of attention to detail from the grain of the wood to the finishing of each piece.

Blue i Designs

Local jeweler, Kelly Jarvis creates a huge variety of beautiful jewelry.  There is something for EVERYONE at her booth!  She uses really interesting stones like turquoise and quartz that resemble aerial landscapes.  She weaves beaded wraps that are perfect for everyday wear (some even double as chokers).  She also offers stamped copper bangles with uplifting words on them.  

Homebody PVD

With a variety of creative interests such as fiber art and concrete art, Danielle’s business evolved while creating to the sounds of the True Crime podcast. She now places a heavy focus on her line of murder candles, each one featuring a murder history. She’s even added a collection of killer couple themed candles for Valentine’s Day. She pours and blends the fragrances herself and creates different vessels for the candles. Edgy, a bit controversial, entertaining and even educational with a brief history accompanying each candle, you’ll definitely be gifting a conversation starter with a Homebody PVD candle.

Lewis Farm Peonies

Fiber artist and gardner, Julie Hankins dyes scarves, table runners, napkins and other accessories using the beautiful Japanese Shibori method. Each item is dyed in a small batch of indigo in order to achieve unique color and pattern. Julie also uses other plant materials to eco dye scarves and stationary creating other color schemes and organic prints. Last but not least, she also designs accessories out wine cork!


Whalers Brewing Company

Don’t forget to grab your Whalers growlers and apparel to complete the perfect Valentine’s gift. We’re pairing this shopping guide with the delicious sour, Supernova, Limited (5.0% abv). “A mouthwatering sour ale bursting with juicy raspberry aromas and layers of fresh lime.'“

Find different artist vendors every Field of Artisans!


*The above images are a strong representation of the vendor's work. All Field of Artisans vendors hand make what they are selling. Please be aware that there may be variety in the assortment you see on the day of the event! :)