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Weekend Creating: November


Weekend Creating: November


How about a creative and festive project?!

I'm styling an event next week and am creating props to incorporate into the displays.  I like to strike a balance between a nature and an elegant aesthetic!  Being that it's November, I decided to elevate the traditional dried corn that we see so often around Thanksgiving time.  I put together a simple tutorial if you'd like to give it a try!  A perfect addition to your mantle, dining table or windows.  




-dried feed corn (also known as "Indian Corn" or "Ornamental Corn")

-plastic wrap

-spray paint (I chose gold and copper)

-bowl of water

-cardboard or old sheet



1. Soak husks in a bowl of temperate water for about 2 min.  As they soften, slowly and gently separate, straighten and fluff them.  This seems tedious but makes a huge difference in the end result.


before soaking


after soaking

When you buy the corn, the husks will most likely be shriveled and smushed together.  Let's make them prettier!

2. Give the husks a little shake and get rid of dripping water.  Lay out corn to dry.  If it's a sunny or windy day, outside is best!  It's important to thoroughly dry the husks so that you get an even spray paint application.


3.  Wrap the corn kernels in plastic wrap.  Make sure you cover every inch, especially the kernels that are closest to the husks.  It helps to twist the corn in your hand, securing the plastic wrap.  


4. Place the corn on cardboard or on an old sheet and spray paint the husks.  Do the best you can to stay away from the kernels in case the plastic wrap comes loose.  Try to cover as much surface as possible without touching the corn.  Let dry.  Then, flip and repeat on the other side.

*TIP 1: If you're working with a colorful husk, try leaving some of the natural color and just doing a light spray.  I had some red husks and let the red show through sometimes.

*TIP 2: Make sure to spray all of the husk tips.  These can look a bit old and nasty

5.  Let corn dry.  Again, laying the corn outside may dry it quicker.


6.  Remove plastic wrap!  Make sure to store flat and not too crushed to protect the husks.


HAVE FUN CREATING THIS WEEKEND!  Tag your corn creations with #FIELDOFARTISANS AND #FIELDWORK on Instagram . We'll repost some of our favorites!

See all of the corn I "elevated", this coming Tuesday, 11/14 at the Coast Guard House Restaurant.  I'll be styling the Candlelight Dinner event using hundreds of candles and this beautiful corn!  :)

~Katrina (Field of Artisans, Market Producer)