• Field of Artisans (map)
  • Marina Park
  • South Kingstown, RI
  • USA

Join Field of Artisans for an outdoor FREE yoga class taught by local Allie Medeiros!  Allie is a Rhody and is back from teaching yoga in the Bahamas :)


Allie has been practicing yoga since 2007.  In the beginning, feeling clumsy and like the antithesis of grace, she was very skeptical and overwhelmed by the asana practice.  However, she felt that it held something important for her and kept returning to that humbling place on her mat.  Throughout the years, yoga has shown Allie how to live differently.  She has a deep appreciation for the many expressions and outlets yoga provides: spiritual, creative, physical, energetic…  She is eternally grateful for this lifelong practice that helps her greet each day with openness and a smile.  Today, Allie is most comfortable on her mat and enjoys playful classes full of deep breathing, presence, and laughter.  

Certified in November 2014 with Peak Beings Unified Yoga, Allie stays true to the mission, honoring and celebrating each student where they are.  She shares her love for yoga by creating an authentic and open place for people to explore and to discover themselves in a nonjudgmental way; A place to find the trust in the practice of presence and the knowledge that whatever we need to be successful, happy, powerful beings is already within us. 


*This is a bring your own mat class

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