We're excited to meet you!

Field of Artisans is a weekly maker market and art show.  

All booths consist of handmade and non mass produced work.  Each vendor is considered based on their work and how their work will appear amongst the work of other vendors.    

We are looking for artists of all types, beginner through expert! 

When reviewing artist applications, we always consider:


We look for work that reflects the artist, inspires, educates  and starts a conversation!


We appreciate the time and effort it takes to source and create with special materials!


We love to see ideas and trends developed in a way that is current and innovative!  


We see the Field as an opportunity to create your own branded and beautiful space!  


We are a community.  It is VERY important to us that all artists and members of the Field bring a happy, supportive and open mind!

Please fill out the below application and we will get back to you within 5 days with details and availability!

An individual space at Field of Artisans is approximately 10' x 10' and costs $45-$50 per day. 

Interactive Collaborations

Play music?  Want to teach an outdoor workshop?  Can you enlighten us with a demonstration?  Have an idea for adding a new dimension to the Field of Artisans community?  

PLEASE :) email us to collaborate on something FUN!  fieldofartisans@gmail.com

Artist Application

Artist/Visionary Name *
Artist/Visionary Name
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Please select your desired summer 2017 schedule. We will get back to you with approvals. Applications are rolling, depending on space availability.
Table Rental
Feel free to bring your own, for free!

If accepted, an invoice and welcome email will be sent to the applicant.  Vendors are not confirmed until they pay their invoice. 

 By submitting payment, the vendor acknowledges that they have read and agree to follow Field of Artisans Rules & Regulations.